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      Driveways, New Concrete and Removal, Paver Bricks



      La Gasse Design Center has done many types of hardscape projects for businesses and home owners alike.




      No matter if you need your driveway to be short, long, curved, or u-shaped; we can create it for you. We have not come across a job that has stumped us.. yet 🙂

      Fire Pits

      If you want to upgrade from your small, portable fire pit, we install permanent, brick fire pits for you to enjoy outdoors.

      Paver Bricks

      This type of patio or path works well for any home. Paver bricks are put together in a pattern of natural colors and can be virtually any size and shape. We install and finish pavers to create a space for relaxing and entertaining in your yard.

      Outdoor Kitchens

      For those who desire more than just a small charcoal grill, our designers build outdoor kitchens. These can be complete with a grill, range stove, refrigerator, counter tops, cabinets, and a bar. We can also build specialty items such as smokers, pizza ovens, and wood burning stoves.

      New Concrete and Removal

      If you need new concrete installed for sidewalks, paths, carports, or patios, La Gasse Design Center can do the job. We will also remove concrete if you want to add additional grass, replace the area with stone, or to prepare for repaving.

      Walkways and Patios

      For any home or business, our professionals build walkways and patios. These can be with steps or on flat surface, straight, curved, or u-shaped, in the front or back yard, and lead to anywhere on the property. Patios can be made from concrete or stone.

      Paver Cleaning

      We also offer paver cleaning and resealing. This process is done to remove dirt, moss, mildew, weeds, salt residue, and dust from brick paths and patios. We use power washers to do this and it will restore the original colors of your paver.

      Retaining Walls

      We install retaining walls for a variety of reasons. Restraining the soil from gravity, as well as reshaping landscape. It also allows for more custom planting ideas.