Part 4 – How To Install A Basic Paver Patio – Finishing The Surface

Step 1

Fill the cracks with sand. Cover the entire paved patio with a thin layer of the same fine sand you used to make the base. Use a broom to sweep the sand back and forth until it fills all the spaces between the pavers. If you notice that there are still gaps in-between pavers, add more sand and sweep it into the cracks. This may take a few passes.

Step 2

Compact the patio. Attach a thick towel or piece of cardboard to the base of the compactor and go over the entire patio. As you go, make sure that the patio is staying relatively level. You want the pavers to be set well into the sand and that as little settling as possible will take place in the future. Don’t be afraid to give a little force when compacting. While you don’t want to break your freshly set pavers, they can take a good amount of force from a compactor with a cushioning cover over it.

Step 3

Finish off the edges of the patio. Fill in any areas along the patio edging with soil, gravel, grass, or ground cover. Basically you should fill the space at the edge of your patio with whatever material matches the rest of your yard.

Step 4

Seal your pavers. While pavers will last a very long time without sealing, taking the time to seal your pavers every few years will make them look better, preventing staining and deterioration. We can recommend some great sealers by our paver suppliers.

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